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About Smart Hajj

Smart Hajj App Provides Pilgrims With Important Applications As A Gift From The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, With A View To Serving Them By Delivering Unique Digital Services During The Hajj And Umrah Journey. The Services Cover All The Holy Places And Include Locating And Navigating Them, Defining Rites, Detecting Qibla (Kaaba) Direction, And Sending Notifications Of Rush Hours To Avoid Them.
Smart Hajj App Also Furnishes Technical Guidelines/manuals And Health Apps. It Groups Several Government Apps That Benefit Pilgrims In The Two Holy Cities Of Makkah And Madinah In A Modern Technical Style.

الكعبة المشرفة


Spacial App

علاج Elag

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"Elaj" is an innovative electronic medical service designed to facilitate all procedures and therapeutic services for citizens and residents, as well as health facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Instead of falling in traffic jam for hours or wait on the phone to book your appointment, now you can: - Book a medical appointment very quickly and easily through the website or service applications instead of the phone calls. - Find the nearest health facility, which provides the required specialty, which saves you a lot of time and effort search for a suitable health facility.  - Make quick search by company and health insurance category. - Follow-up offers of health facilities in the required specialty. - Manage all bookings via the website or applications. - Review biographies of doctors and book for of a particular doctor.

صحة Sehha

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“With Sehha Application, you can consult qualified doctors accredited by the Ministry of Health via text messages, voice messages, images and even videos.”

وتين Wateen

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"Wateen" is an initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Health that seeks to reduce the communication gap between donors and blood banks so that blood donation becomes easier.

موعد Mawid

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“Mawid” is an electronic service provided by Saudi Ministry of Health, to enable patient to book their appointments across primary health care centers and manage them by canceling or rescheduling. As well as managing their referral appointments.