• Umrah e-Services - Internal pilgrims

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For those wishing to perform Haj, the e-track will provide a secure means for signing a contract with a company licensed by the ministry. Through Hajj and Umrah's e-track website, domestic pilgrims can register their data and select the program of their choice. The booking to avail of the listed services via the e-track will continue until Aug. 8 (Dhul Hijjah 7). To complete the booking, it is not compulsory for the prospective pilgrim to have entered the portal in the first stage, which started on Ramadan 15. At that point, the electronic portal is meant to acquaint the pilgrims with the programs and packages. The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has classified the services for domestic pilgrims during the forthcoming Haj into five hospitality packages and two economic packages. The registration comprises a few easy steps. Visitors to the e-track website must enter their personal data to determine whether they are eligible to perform Haj during the year.  The portal's visitors can then choose the service package of his choice and generate the invoice. Once the payment is made, the data will be referred to the Ministry through integration with the e-track to issue the Haj permit. Finally, the pilgrims' data will be sent to the pertinent service provider in order to make arrangements for the Haj journey.    

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