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We are putting technology to use for the benefit of practicing Islam. If you’re planning to go on Hajj & Umrah or looking for a daily way to strengthen your faith, WeSalam provides you with the needed tools that will give all Muslims a unique spiritual experience. Key features: 1- Hajj & Umrah Guide: When reaching Makkah, there won’t be time for surprises. With our two informative timelines, you will have access to all the needed information and tools that will help you perform your Hajj & Umrah rituals step by step. From the preparation phase until landing back home, you will be guided and given access to your Dua list, checklists, tips and tools that will optimize your spiritual experience. 2- Tawaf & Sa’i tools: Forgetting how many rounds of Tawaf & Sa’i you have performed is not an option anymore. WeSalam’s Tawaf and Sa’i tools, will let you focus on your rituals of worship and will do the counts for you, and advise you on what to do and what to say next. We’ve got your back! 3- Quran Reader: A whole new Quran Reading experience is now introduced. Browse the Holy Quran by Surah or Juz and customize the verses’ font size, colors and display to match them with your reading preferences. Quote your favorite Quran verses and Bookmark the pages you reach to keep track of your recitation. You can also start a new reading plan with our Quran planner and track your Quran reading progress in order to achieve your reciting goal in the chosen time frame. 4- Topics: A new section that gives you access to a variety of interesting and inspiring posts and news. Our content team handpicked top articles and contributors in order to provide you with daily informing, guiding and inspiring news. 5- Prayer time & Qiblah: Benefit from our modern clock-face that shows the Qiblah Direction to help you pray wherever you are. Track the count down for the next prayer and choose to get notified when it’s prayer time. 6- My Dua List: Compose your own inspirational Dua texts, images, audio and videos and save them to your Personal Dua list that can be easily accessed while on the journey. This list, available in both collapsed and expanded views, allows you to share your Dua with your loved ones and on different platforms. ***Love our app? Rate WeSalam and leave us a review. Your feedback helps us keeping you closer to your faith.***

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