• vMakkah

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vMakkah is a 3D application that will take you on a tour to the most sacred mosques and sites in Islam, the Holy Mosque in the city of Makkah (Al Masjid Al Haram). The idea is to utilize the gamification concept and build an interactive educational app that takes the user on a trip to the holy city of Makkah including sites like: Arafat, Mina, Muzdalefah and others, where Hajj (Pilgrimage, the fifth pillar of islam) is performed yearly by millions of people from all over the world. Features: - Available in Arabic and English - The interior and exterior of the holy mosques in Makkah and Madina were fully recreated with great attention to detail to give you the experience of being there. - Select your own avatar to represent you in the virtual world. . - Explore the scenes in multiple camera views: Third Person, First Person and Drone Mode. - Use your in-game tablet for quick access to locations and Points of Interest within every scene. Designed and Developed by Semaphore

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