• مرسول MRSOOL

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Marsool application is the new plug-in experience.   when you need anything (food, things, papers, spare parts, and everything you think of), from anywhere? Marsool serves you !.   Today we operate in most Saudi cities, and our fleet expands every day.   We have gathered all the places in your area, you need anything from anywhere, drop your order, and one of our delegates will bring it to your door.   If your dad wins, join the family of Mersoul!   MRSOOL is the new experience in transporting goods. Want anything from any store? MRSOOL will deliver it to your door.   We have collected all the stores, if you need anything from any store, post your order, and one of our couriers will respond to you. Why suffer traffic and waste time ?!   Not just that! Join us now if you want to earn money!   marsool

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