فزعة Fazaah

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"Fazaah" service enables submitting reports of incidents (such as fires, SOS, etc.) and specifying the geographical location of the reporter. The reporter can also locate other incidents and follow-up the status of reports and actions taken.

Kollona Amn - Public Security Department

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Kollona Amn is a utility that enables all citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia to play the role of a police officer. Which speeds up rescue missions and reduces damages and losses. Citizens and residents can send an incident by attaching a video or a photo or an audio note. In addition, citizens will receive updates on the status of their incidents.

سلامتي Salamati - Saudi Civil Defense

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"Salamati " is an electronic service dedicated to reporting violations of safety in public or private facilities or even in public places. Using this service, an informant provides a notice if he observes any violation in public safety and must be notified to the civil defense to address it and take necessary actions.

Report Seller Violation

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Through this application, you can report a seller's violation with the possibility to attach the violation images and locating the place directly. You can also review your reports and their status. The app also allows you to view recall announcements and campaigns launched by the ministry, as well as consumer news. We would like to thank the consumers for their continuous communication and contribution to the development of the ministry's applications and services. We welcome any suggestions on

نظافة مكة Makkah cleanliness

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'Makkah cleanliness' is a program that contributes to the cleanliness of Makkah by enabling the citizen, resident and visitor to send reports of all types of violations (distills, water pools, solid waste, rubble, etc.) to the Municipality of the Holy Capital. The person can submit the report by taking a picture of the place where the violation is found and specifying the type of violation to facilitate the coordination of reports and the speed of addressing them, with a brief description of the violation.

Baladi 940 - MOMRA

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Baladi 940 is an application that provides a new channel to report violations related to municipal services in all neighborhoods, streets and roads of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a "snap and send" method by clicking the 'Report' icon and follow instructions to upload photos and send them to the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA), which in turn refers the report to the competent authority to take the necessary actions.

وطني Watani - We hear you

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Watani is a mobile application that enables citizens, residents and visitors to evaluate public services, rate their satisfaction level, and contribute to the ongoing efforts focused on improving public services.

CITC - Saudi Arabia

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This is the official application of the Communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia (CITC). This application provides the following features: - Complaints service - Coverage mapping service - Transaction follow-up  - Anti-cybercrime campaign - Call us - About CITC