Tempat Suci

هيسلو Hislo

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Hislo application of smart devices, which gives the user a sense of time travel. This creates an entirely new dimension to the experience of the person with the world. It lets historic sites back to life as if they were never affected over time. Hislo not only on the site but focuses on the path to it. The user takes a trip to the location of the site. In addition to social networking sites, the application to increase awareness and provide information about the historical site provides. That which makes it unique when compared to similar applications. Finally, Hislo will not only enhance the experience of users to visit places to visit historical places, but also open new horizons for Hvat historical monuments.


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The Two Holy Mosques Smart Application It is one of the Two Holy Mosques' applications which aim to fulfill the vision and goals of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque depends on the vision of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 in order to subject the modern technology to serve the visitors, pilgrims, and mo'tamren (those who perform Omrah). The application contains the following : Information about the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque Prayers time Live broadcast of the prayers from the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque GPS service to guide you to the point that you wish to go inside the Two Holy Mosques The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque news E-services for the visitors E-services for the staff

Umrah e-Services - External

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For Muslims traveling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah pilgrimage, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj has made available e-services on Android and the web. The pilgrims may search for their (1) Visa status, (2) Individual package details, and (3) Search for an authorized travel agency in their country and city. Specifically, pilgrims may search about their Visa status and their Contracted package details. This shall give them assurance of services they bought through an authorized travel agent. Pilgrims need to enter their passport # and nationality on e-Services search pages which shall return results in the form of current visa status, contracted transportation/hotel providers, and their duration of stay by city with start and end dates. Pilgrims can also search for authorized travel agents by entering country and/or city. The Ministry of Hajj authorizes travel agents every year based on their the travel agent’s past historical performance.

مناسكنا Manasikana

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An interactive application that helps you during your journey to perform Haj or Umrah, or during your visit to Madinah. The Ministry of Haj and Umrah provides Manasikana app for pilgrims on smart devices with the following special capabilities: • It uses highly accurate satellite based maps of the sacred areas, that help a pilgrim make sure he is in the right place at the right time. • Using GPS technology, pilgrims can locate their companions during Haj and find the possible route to reach them. • The application is regularly updated to reflect all the Masjids, restaurants, restrooms and other places of interest for pilgrims in the holy cities and Jeddah. • It provides instant translation services for pilgrims. • Emergency services are available at an easy and direct touch • The app will automatically update your loved ones back home every time you reach your desired destination (Makkah, Madinah, Mina, Muzdalifa, Arafat, Jeddah, etc.). Manasikana app Features: Manasikana app has been designed by a team of highly skilled dedicated professionals to provide you with the appropriate help and direction during the journey of Haj, Umrah, or Madinah visit using the following features: HELPS IN FINDING DIRECTIONS AND LOCATIONS Locate your companions in real-time and find the route to reach them. OUT OF BOUNDS SERVICES Make sure you are within the bounds of Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifa or Haram with a simple and direct actions OFFLINE MAPS View and search to “Points of Interests” using offline maps without an Internet connection. PLACES OF INTEREST (POIs) Locate places of public interest such as nearest Masjids, restaurants, restrooms, shopping malls, etc. Find the shortest possible route to a POI from your current location. EMERGENCY SERVICES Emergency services can be called at the touch of the red button that is always visible on the screen MONEY EXCHANGE AND CURRENCY CONVERTER Find the way to the nearest currency conversion centre Get up to date currency exchange rates for calculation PRAYER SCHEDULE AND QIBLA COMPASS Get prayer times based on your current location Know the time remaining for the next prayer Get Qibla direction based on your current location WEATHER UPDATE Get weather alerts in Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah. NEWS SERVICES Get Haj and Umrah related news by the Ministry. HAJ AND UMRAH TWEETS Get up-to-date tweets from Ministry of Haj and Umrah TRANSLATION AND TEXT TO SPEECH SERVICES Translate any word or phrase from/to Arabic (requires Internet) Let your mobile speak the Arabic text (requires Internet) SUGGESTION AND FEEDBACK Submit your suggestion and feedback in order to improve Haj and Umrah services RELATED APPS Know related governmental apps that you can use during your journey RECOMMENDED PLACES See recommended places by the Ministry of Haj and Umrah MULTI-LINGUAL SUPPORT Use the app in any of the seven languages (Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Malay, Turkish and Bengali) EASY INSTALLATION AND REGISTRATION Login through Twitter, Google or Facebook.

Umrah e-Services - Internal pilgrims

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For those wishing to perform Haj, the e-track will provide a secure means for signing a contract with a company licensed by the ministry. Through Hajj and Umrah's e-track website, domestic pilgrims can register their data and select the program of their choice. The booking to avail of the listed services via the e-track will continue until Aug. 8 (Dhul Hijjah 7). To complete the booking, it is not compulsory for the prospective pilgrim to have entered the portal in the first stage, which started on Ramadan 15. At that point, the electronic portal is meant to acquaint the pilgrims with the programs and packages. The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has classified the services for domestic pilgrims during the forthcoming Haj into five hospitality packages and two economic packages. The registration comprises a few easy steps. Visitors to the e-track website must enter their personal data to determine whether they are eligible to perform Haj during the year.  The portal's visitors can then choose the service package of his choice and generate the invoice. Once the payment is made, the data will be referred to the Ministry through integration with the e-track to issue the Haj permit. Finally, the pilgrims' data will be sent to the pertinent service provider in order to make arrangements for the Haj journey.    

نافذة مكة Makkah Window

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First in the world Video Panoramas of the Holy Mosque in Makkah! Unique Panorama Tour through the Holy Mosque in Makkah! "Unique and original!" Be among the first to see Video Panoramas from the Holy Mosque! Explore hundreds of sites! Get information about Makkah and experience historic places! Features: - 6 Video Panoramas: First in the world!!! - Unique panorama tour through Masjid Al Haram - Interactive map of Makkah - Many 360 degree panoramas from Islamic Cultural Heritage Sites - Live TV from Makkah - Historic images - Information and pictures provided by locals from Makkah - Search in a database of hundreds of places - Historical facts about the most important sites - Share your favorite images with your friends Panoramas, location and descriptions of: - Kaaba - Masjid Al Haram - Al Safa Mountain - Al Marwa Mountain - The Prophet's Place of Birth - Tawa Well - Muzdalifah - Arafat - Khandamah Mountain - Ajyad Mountain - Rahmah Mountain - Mina - Masjid Al Jin - Masjid Al Shajarah - Masjid Al Rayah - Masjid Sooq Al Ghanam - Masjid Al-Ejaba - Masjid Al Khaif - Masjid Al Be'ah - Masjid Aisha - Bin Suliman Palace - Ain Zubedah ... and many more!!! We are a small start-up located in Makkah and want to share the best of it with you! Please share our app on Facebook or via Email!

المقصد AlMaqsad

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Giving pilgrims another dimension of care experience, enhancing their safety and providing them a simple solution to be self-sustaining and independent. Turn-by-turn navigation brings friends & families together

WeSalam - Hajj & Umrah Guide

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We are putting technology to use for the benefit of practicing Islam. If you’re planning to go on Hajj & Umrah or looking for a daily way to strengthen your faith, WeSalam provides you with the needed tools that will give all Muslims a unique spiritual experience. Key features: 1- Hajj & Umrah Guide: When reaching Makkah, there won’t be time for surprises. With our two informative timelines, you will have access to all the needed information and tools that will help you perform your Hajj & Umrah rituals step by step. From the preparation phase until landing back home, you will be guided and given access to your Dua list, checklists, tips and tools that will optimize your spiritual experience. 2- Tawaf & Sa’i tools: Forgetting how many rounds of Tawaf & Sa’i you have performed is not an option anymore. WeSalam’s Tawaf and Sa’i tools, will let you focus on your rituals of worship and will do the counts for you, and advise you on what to do and what to say next. We’ve got your back! 3- Quran Reader: A whole new Quran Reading experience is now introduced. Browse the Holy Quran by Surah or Juz and customize the verses’ font size, colors and display to match them with your reading preferences. Quote your favorite Quran verses and Bookmark the pages you reach to keep track of your recitation. You can also start a new reading plan with our Quran planner and track your Quran reading progress in order to achieve your reciting goal in the chosen time frame. 4- Topics: A new section that gives you access to a variety of interesting and inspiring posts and news. Our content team handpicked top articles and contributors in order to provide you with daily informing, guiding and inspiring news. 5- Prayer time & Qiblah: Benefit from our modern clock-face that shows the Qiblah Direction to help you pray wherever you are. Track the count down for the next prayer and choose to get notified when it’s prayer time. 6- My Dua List: Compose your own inspirational Dua texts, images, audio and videos and save them to your Personal Dua list that can be easily accessed while on the journey. This list, available in both collapsed and expanded views, allows you to share your Dua with your loved ones and on different platforms. ***Love our app? Rate WeSalam and leave us a review. Your feedback helps us keeping you closer to your faith.***


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"Turjuman" is an application to offline translate instruction on signboards for non-Arabic speakers of pilgrims to the language selected without the need to connect to internet after the application is downlowded.